Music Jam Monday: The Last Jedi

Happy Monday! Today I made a playlist of songs that I feel represent different characters in the absolutely incredible movie The Last Jedi. So, if you haven’t seen the movie, there will be some mild spoilers and some of the song choices might not make sense. I’ve never been that into Star Wars – I thought they were good movies, but I was never obsessed. Safe to say this last movie has made me obsessed, mostly (only) because of Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. His character is so complex and well-written and well-acted that I just can’t get over it. And we all know I love a redeemable bad boy *cough cough Draco Malfoy.* I’ve come up with a good five songs that are Kylo songs, so there might be a part two to this. But for now, here you go.

Finn – “Shattered [Turn The Car Around]” by O.A.R.

This is not the most complex song to pair with Finn, but I think it fits well. He’s very conflicted about whether or not he wants to join the Resistance, and whether he should turn the space car around and help the Resistance or not. He also has to balance his feelings of wanting to save and protect Rey with helping the Resistance.

Kylo Ren – “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence

I think it’s fairly canon to say that Kylo Ren loves to listen to sad emo music 24/7. Unfortunately, I missed out on the whole emo thing in middle school. I never listened to MCR or Panic! at the Disco or any of those bands. This song is about as emo as I ever got. It was the second song I bought when I first got my iPod in 6th grade (after the Lady Gaga bop “Just Dance”). Also, Kylo needs to be saved “from the nothing [he’s] become.” He needs to save himself, but that’s a discussion for another blog post.

Rey – “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield

Continuing the trend of bops from my adolescence, here’s another one. This song is all about how she’s “unwritten” and “just beginning” – just like Rey. Also the “can’t read my mind”? Guess who can’t read her mind? (Kylo Ren, in case you didn’t get that). Rey is writing her own book and crafting her own story.

Luke – “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Cure

This song will always be first and foremost a Stranger Things song, but it also fits Luke’s decisions in The Last Jedi. Should he stay on Ahch-To or go with Rey? Either way there’s going to be trouble.

Leia – “Salute” by Little Mix

Leia can only be represented by a fierce, girl-power song like “Salute.” Plus, she’s a general so people should be saluting her. It’s perfect.

Reylo – “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles

Ok I know this is kind of cheating because it’s technically for two people, but hear me out (or read my long lyrical analysis):

“Just stop your crying it’s a sign of the times” – Reylo always seems to be crying every time they interact so I think this makes sense.

“Welcome to the final show, hope you’re wearing your best clothes” – when Rey ships herself to Kylo, SHE LITERALLY CHANGES HER CLOTHES! SHE’S WEARING HER BEST CLOTHES TO THE FINAL SHOW OF DELIVERING HERSELF TO KYLO.

“We never learn we been here before, why are we always stuck and running from the bullets?” – I’m not making the connection to Reylo as strongly with these lyrics, but those two always seem to either be fighting together or against each other, so they are always running from bullets (or laser guns or whatever the pew pew guns are called that everyone seems to have) (can you tell I’m a Star Wars fan?)

“We gotta get away from here” – KYLO ASKING REY TO JOIN HIM. NEED I SAY MORE?

“We can meet again somewhere, somewhere far away from here” – ForceTime anyone? Reylo does have a tendency to meet at places far away from each other.

“We don’t talk enough, we should open up” – Both Rey and Kylo (but especially Kylo) have a lot of bottled-up trauma that they should probably talk about…just saying…

“We got to get away” – Yes, you need to get away with each other and live happily ever after. The end.

What songs make you think of the characters from The Last Jedi? Let me know down in the comments or over on Twitter!

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