The Last Jedi Thoughts (but this time Rey and Kylo)

the last jedi star wars thoughts but this time rey and kylo

Well, I went to go see The Last Jedi (TLJ) for the fourth time today (which was not a good decision seeing as I was on my period and cried at four separate scenes). But, I am finally ready to discuss all my Rey and Kylo thoughts. They will probably be incomplete since I would feel like a twerp if I brought my laptop to the theater to clickety-clackety type notes on. So, here’s a summary of my thoughts. Enjoy!

*Some notes before I start: I refer to Ben Solo/Kylo Ren as Kylo because I think it’s a cooler name than Ben. Once Benlo ditches the First Order, he should still go by Kylo because it’s SO MUCH BETTER than Ben.

Kylo and Snoke in the throne room

This scene breaks my heart. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times: Kylo desperately needs a hug (and a therapist, but particularly a hug in this scene). This is where we get a taste of the abuse that Kylo has suffered for a very long time. I read a thing about why Kylo wears a cape – to protect himself from Snoke’s Force-zapping. And that breaks my heart. When we see Kylo Force-zapped, he takes it with such nonchalance that you can tell that it’s not the first time, or even the tenth time that this has happened. We also see the mental manipulation that Snoke utilizes to keep Kylo under his thumb.

One of the things that I got from Tumblr as well is that when Snoke says “hope still lives in the galaxy” (may be paraphrased) in reference to Luke, Kylo pops up into the frame. Coincidence?

Right after this, we see Kylo destroy his helmet. Again, I think this reinforces the control that Snoke has over Kylo. Snoke can manipulate Kylo with a few words to get him feeling like he’s worthless. And it makes me sad. I think it also represents Kylo almost “shedding” a role that he was meant to play.

Kylo in his ship

Can we just appreciate the fact that Adam Driver definitely wanted to say “fuck” but remembered that it was a Disney movie and you can’t exactly do that?

Here we have an example of how Kylo is still really conflicted before all the ForceTime stuff goes down. He very obviously chooses to not shoot the bridge. However, I’m still confused on who blew up the other ships with him. Is it Kylo? I feel like there were no one else around who could have taken them out, so it seems like it was Kylo.

ForceTime #1


I love this part in the movie because this is when I start screaming it’s happening! It’s happening, people! Here Rey immediately goes for her blaster when she sees Kylo, which is a very (impulsive) Rey thing to do. And then there’s the slide. If you have not noticed, Kylo does a slide, as one might do in socks on their kitchen floor, when he goes to look for Rey. I’m very here for it. Additionally, I love how Kylo is like what???? ForceTime, huh? But why?? And Rey’s just like you’re a monster and I hate you! Whatta start to their ForceTime escapades.

ForceTime #2

I think this is an important turning point in Kylo and Rey’s relationship. TBH I could say that about any time they interact, but shhhhhh. This is where the iconic “you’re a monster,” “yes I am” exchange happens. After Kylo says that he is a monster, Rey’s expression shows how she’s a bit shocked that he would admit that, but it is after this that Rey can be like “okay, we’ve established he’s a monster. Let’s move past name-calling and ask some different questions.”

Also, I have to mention the water. That was so sexual. Someone (probably Rian Johnson, bless him) even confirmed that it was sexual.

Rey reaches for the Force

I just want to appreciate Luke bringing a leaf to Rey’s first lesson, so he obviously thinks she’s going to pull some stupid thing like reaching literally. And can we imagine how cute it would’ve been if there had been a sudden ForceTime at that moment? And Kylo watched Rey be an adorable idiot? MY HEART.

ForceTime #3


If this was a Friends episode, it would be called “The One With The Pants and the Bonding,” because OH MY GOD. First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room that is Kylo’s space titties.

We get it. Adam Driver is hot. BUT, I think having Kylo shirtless has a bit more meaning other than DAMN and making you want to invest in some high-waisted leather pants (which is very Ross Gellar, I must say). Other than giving Rey a good shake-up, we see Kylo when he is more vulnerable. Kylo isn’t expecting anyone to come prancing into his room(? I’m not sure where he is) and see him half-naked. And yet, here’s Rey. Additionally, the vulnerability that Kylo expresses when he tells Rey about what happened when Luke attacked him is really deep and powerful. We get to see Kylo in a new light, just like Rey begins to see him in a new light.

Rey goes down a scary hole.

I must admit, I was a little freaked out when I saw her go down the hole (and I’m not talking the Reylo hole that I fell down shortly after seeing TLJ for the first time). The whole mirror thing was kind of freaky, and I SWEAR she sees a reflection of Kylo right after her “parents” merge into one person. And her voiceover was really interesting. Star Wars doesn’t really have voiceovers…

ForceTime #4

…and that’s because it WASN’T A VOICEOVER. SHE WAS TALKING TO KYLO. This is where I start screaming because I’m so happy. “You’re not alone.” “Neither are you.” is the new “I love you.” “I know.” The whole hand-touching is such a nice connection-moment for both Kylo and Rey. Both of them seem pretty starved for human contact, and here they are, contacting each other from across the galaxy! Gah!

Rey attacking Luke in defense of Kylo

No one has defended Kylo in how long? A long time. And here we have Rey standing up for her boy. She finally understands that it was Luke who pushed Kylo over the edge to the dark side. What else was Kylo supposed to do besides defend himself when his uncle comes to murder him? My poor lil baby.

Rey ships herself to Kylo

This part cracks me up every time. Rey got a freaking makeover to go see her boy. She fixed her hair, got a new (and noticeably darker) outfit, and put on an extra coat of mascara. Oh my god.

Rey and Kylo practically make out in an elevator

Alright, Kylo was definitely 100% looking at Rey’s lips, which is movie-code for “I wanna kiss you.” And Kylo looks so serious and like he’s trying to mask all his emotions, and then Rey says “Ben?” and the mask just crumbles.

Additionally, there is so much yin-yang symbolism in the elevator. At one point, Rey is framed by a mostly white with some black sections part of the elevator, while Kylo is framed by a mostly black with some white sections part of the elevator. This exactly who they are- a mixture of the light side and dark side.

Kylo makes faces when Snoke talks

I don’t know how Adam Driver can convey so much with a single expression, but you can see all the hurt, pain and resolve of Kylo in this scene purely based on facial expressions.

Kylo kills Snoke

This is when my screaming reaches a crescendo. The set-up for this whole thing is so cool. The entire time Snoke is narrating his own death, I’m just going “Is it going to happen? Is it actually going to happen?” And then it happens. And Snoke is dead. And Kylo chose Rey over Snoke.

Rey and Kylo fighting the guards (aka the best movie scene to ever grace the screen)


This is my favorite part of the movie. I love the turning their backs to each other to fight. They trust each other so much! And then Rey grabs Kylo’s thigh. And I die.

The best moment comes at the very end when Rey throws her lightsaber to Kylo, and Kylo ignites it in the guard’s face, all while maintaining intense eye contact with Rey. Wow.

The Proposal


“You’re nothing. But not to me.” is the new “You’re not alone.” “Neither are you.” Confirmed. This whole scene breaks me heart. First of all, we have Rey running over and yelling about saving the Resistance ships (which is very important), but we have to understand that Kylo just killed his long-term abuser. It makes sense that he’s shocked and doesn’t really care about the Resistance. He also chose Rey, not the Resistance.

But goddamn. This sends me back to Revenge of the Sith with Anakin and Padme. There’s definitely a part of me that’s like “REY! TAKE HIS HAND! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE TOGETHER!” But I also understand that at this point, Kylo still needs to figure himself out, and Rey can’t accept. Here is where my screaming turns into tears of sadness because I just want them to work it out!!! Ahhhh!!!!!

One last point: the lightsaber broke in half. I think this echoes The Force Awakens when Kylo tries to call the lightsaber, but it goes to Rey. Here, they are both part-light and part-dark, so the lightsaber can’t choose one or the other. (This sounds like Harry Potter. The lightsaber choses the Force user, Harry.)

Hux low-key preparing to murder Kylo

Hux is 110% going to try to kill Kylo in Episode 9. You can tell he was going to do it, but Kylo (thankfully) woke up. I’m so stressed because I don’t think Kylo gets any sleep because everyone wants to kill him. My poor lil baby.

I think this is another instance where Kylo is forced to do something he doesn’t really want to do, which is take over as Supreme Leader.

This doesn’t totally fit under here, but I love Hux repeating everything that Kylo says, and then Kylo being like WTF bro.

The whole Luke thing

I really want to get Kylo a therapist. I’m just saying that boy has some severe anger management issues. Kylo is feeling extremely hurt because Rey ran away (although she did not kill him! Even though he was vulnerable and she definitely could have!), and he does not know what to do with that. He takes a lot of his anger out on Luke, although I think there’s quite a bit of anger towards Luke as well mixed in. I mean, Luke did try to kill him.

One thing that I want to point out in this scene is how Luke calls him kid. The most famous person who called Luke kid was always Han, and it was always in a loving, brotherly sort of way. So, I think Luke does believe that Kylo can be saved (he also said that no one is ever really gone, as in Kylo can be saved).

ForceTime #5

Here is where I turn into a sobbing, weeping mess because GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Here we have Kylo realizing that Snoke did not bridge their minds, so he just manipulated Kylo (big surprise) and now Kylo knows he fucked up. He fucked up bad. Rey knows that he fucked up bad, and she looks decently upset that she’s leaving him behind.

I think it’s interesting that the last shot we see of Kylo is kneeling, grasping at the dice from the Millennium Falcon, realizing that everything he wants (family, acceptance, etc.) slipped further from his grasp. He has everything (i.e. a freaking galaxy), but at the same time he has nothing.

Hopes for Episode 9

So, for the last Star Wars movie in this trilogy, I want Kylo to be redeemed. And I want him to be alive. None of this Darth Vader stuff where he is redeemed and dies two minutes later. I want happy Kylo, because these Skywalkers have had enough sadness since Episode 1. Kylo needs to redeem himself, though. He can do it for Rey, but Rey can’t do it for him. I also want Kylo and Rey to get together to get rid of the whole Jedi/Sith stuff, and just have the Force.

Wow. This was a lot. If you made it this far, I’m very impressed. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff that I forgot, but that’s all I’m going to talk about at the moment. Let me know what your Rey and Kylo in The Last Jedi thoughts are down below in the comments or over on Twitter!

The Last Jedi Thoughts (except not Rey and Kylo)

Star Wars The Last Jedi Thoughts not rey or kylo

I just got back from seeing my new favorite movie The Last Jedi for the third time. It’s pretty safe to say that I’m quickly developing a new-found obsession. So, I’m going to talk about some of my thoughts on the movie! This will include everyone except Rey and Kylo because they need their own blog post (I have many thoughts on them). So, here you go!



I loved it. I think it goes without saying that this is my favorite Star Wars movie by far, especially considering that it has now officially sucked me down the Star Wars hole. It has a very different feeling from the other movies – I love how it is ultimately a movie about failure. Everyone fails in their respective endeavors, and that’s a great humanizing theme that I really enjoyed. The character development was also superb. I was never very strongly attached to any of the characters in episodes 1-6, and even in The Force Awakens (TFA) I enjoyed the characters but didn’t feel very attached. Now with The Last Jedi (TLJ) I am extraordinarily attached to pretty much everyone.

Now I want to delve into the different characters and their plot lines in the movie:



I love Finn. The first time I watched TLJ I felt like his storyline felt a little pointless – he failed (which is a point) but I didn’t feel like he learned anything. But, upon my second viewing, I see just how much he’s grown. At the beginning of the movie, he’s running away. He still doesn’t have any strong ties to the Rebels. By the end of the movie, he’s correcting Captain Phasma saying that he’s “Rebel scum.” He’s finally found his place.



I will fight anyone who doesn’t like Rose. She is lovely. She is perfect. I so appreciate her stunning Finn when he tries to flee in the beginning of TLJ. She takes no shit, even if he is a Resistance hero. Rose is a wonderful addition to the Star Wars universe.

Captain Phasma


I love Gwendoline Christie. And I love Phasma (in a she’s-really-cool-but-a-bad-person kind of way). I really hope she comes back in episode 9 (although I find it unlikely. Sad face).

General Hux


Hux is a great character to hate. He’s a bit pasty (just like Poe said) and is definitely going to try to murder Kylo Ren in episode 9.

Poe and BB-8


It might be a bit fair to BB-8 to stick them together, BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! THE TUMMY RUBS????? I DIE EVERY TIME. But to talk about Poe, I appreciated his character arc in this film. He has got his head in the cockpit, and you can tell that Leia is trying to prepare him for leadership. I like that we got to see him struggle and fail.

General Holdo

I love Laura Dern. Holdo is so cool and I want to steal her purple hair. I absolutely adore her.

The Porgs


I’ve seen a few people complain about the porgs, but they are ridiculously cute and I want to protect them all. 11/10 a great creature.



Luke. Luke Luke Luke Luke. I’m going to try to briefly talk about him, but I think I’m going to have to save most of his character-delving for the separate Rey/Kylo post. I appreciated TLJ-Luke. Age has made him sassier, and it is fantastic. The shoulder brush? ICONIC. He sure knows how to go out with a bang, too! Although almost murdering your nephew? NOT OKAY. But I will continue to appreciate Mark Hamill referring to Kylo as his “naughty nephew.”

Alright, I think I better stop there. There will be more thoughts on Kylo/Rey in another blog post, and a Music Jam Monday dedicated to Kylo/Rey. I promise it’ll be worth the wait! For now you can check out my other The Last Jedi-themed Music Jam Monday here.

And be sure to let me know what you thought of The Last Jedi down in the comments or over on Twitter!

The Best TV Episodes Ever

Text says The Best TV Episodes Ever with an old-school TV

Recently I’ve seen a lot of articles discussing the best TV episodes of 2017. However, I don’t want to narrow it to just 2017. So, here are my favorite TV episodes ever. Of all time. Of all the TV shows I’ve ever watched. Ever. These are the episodes that I continue to think about long after I’ve watched them, and that have stuck in my head for ages. There will be some mild spoilers for the specific episodes that I’m talking about, so be warned.

Bojack Horseman, Season 4, Episode 9: “Ruthie”


This episode does what Bojack Horseman does so beautifully – portray just how brutal real life can be. Watching this episode for the first time, I should have been aware that everything wouldn’t end up being as cheery as Ruthie (Princess Carolyn’s great-great-etc. granddaughter) made it seem. The twist at the end was like a twist of a knife in my heart because it’s so REAL.  Princess Carolyn is my favorite character on the show, and seeing her struggle with such human things is heartbreaking. She’s such a badass, but sometimes even she can’t do it all.

Bojack Horseman, Season 4, Episode 11: “Time’s Arrow”


Bojack Horseman can do heart-breaking episodes really well.  I loved getting the background on Bojack’s mother. This episode did a great job of revealing her own trauma and why she is so terrible without making it seem like an excuse for being a terrible person. I cried a river watching it, and I would watch it again and again.

Friends, Season 4, Episode 24: “The One With Ross’s Wedding”


As problematic as Friends is, this episode is iconic. Chandler and Monica waking up together in the bed? Iconic. Ross saying Rachel’s name at his wedding? Stupid, but iconic. It makes me happy every time.

Black Mirror, Season 3, Episode 4: “San Junipero”


Will I ever be over this episode? Probably not. Will I ever stop talking about this episode? Definitely not. It is the gayest (and by gay I mean queer AND happy) episode I have ever watched, and it brings me continuous joy every time I watch it or think of it. It’s SO GOOD.

Master of None, Season 2, Episode 8: “Thanksgiving”


This is such a well-done episode. I love the time aspect of it and the focus on one specific event – Thanksgiving. It really portrayed the struggles of navigating one’s sexuality with their family. It’s absolutely beautiful and stunning.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 5, Episode 4: “HalloVeen”


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an incredible TV show that I would highly *highly* recommend, but my favorite episodes are the Halloween ones. The gang always ends up getting into ridiculous antics, and it is wonderful to watch. The best, though, is the Halloween episode of the current season where Jake asks Amy to marry him. 11/10 so cute.

Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 9: “Battle of the Bastards


I love this episode because of how beautifully it was shot. The battle is so real and intense, and I can’t get over it.

Game of Thrones, Season 7, Episode 4: “The Spoils of War”


This is by far my favorite Game of Thrones episode.  There is so much good stuff here – Jon and Dany going spelunking (which was unfortunately less sexual than I hoped). Arya FINALLY getting back to Winterfell and fighting with Brienne and it’s so good. And, of course, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: DRAGONS IN BATTLE! The whole battle is absolutely epic. The dragon is SO COOL and it’s the best.

What are your favorite TV episodes? Let me know down in the comments or over on Twitter!

Black Mirror Season 4 Review

Black Mirror season 4 review

I just finished binge-watching all of season 4 of Black Mirror, which has left me feeling satisfied but a tiny bit freaked out (as one should be after watching Black Mirror). So, I’m going to write up a review of each of the episodes and give some of my thoughts on them. Fair warning – there will probably be some spoilers for the episodes. Proceed with caution.

“U.S.S. Callister”

I feel like this episode will be called the Star Trek episode in the future. This was my favorite episode this season. The plot was just so good and exciting and tense, and the characters felt very real. I appreciated the humor and the terror that the writers managed to pack in. I also appreciated the semi-happy ending, which is not typical of Black Mirror.

  • Scare factor (in terms of being disturbed/terrified/etc.): 8/10
  • Moral of the story in 3 words: men are bad
  • Ranking (out of episodes this season): 1/6


This episode just generally scared me for the characters, but didn’t scare me too much personally (unlike a lot of other episodes, which terrified me to my very core). One critique that I did have for this episode was it felt very predictable. As soon as Sara got the device installed in her head as a three-year-old, I knew her mom would see her have sex with someone (I yelled “I called it!” when that happened) and probably freak out and Sara would end up running away. The narrative was still very devastating.

  • Scare factor: 6/10
  • Moral of the story in 3 words: don’t over parent
  • Ranking: 4/6


This episode (along with “Black Museum”) was one of the ones that scared me the most. I felt like this episode also had that sense of predictability that I wasn’t a huge fan of – her going on a killing spree shouldn’t be a shock. The killing of the baby was the part that really sealed the scary factor for me. Her dedication to keeping her secret is really quite astounding, albeit very, very bad.

  • Scare factor: 10/10
  • Moral of the story in 3 words: don’t kill people
  • Ranking: 5/6

“Hang the DJ”

I very much enjoyed this episode – not surprising since I’m a sucker for love. I loved the main characters. They felt very real and I was attached to both of them. The twist at the ending was really good. I have nothing but praise for this episode. It was also a much-needed happy break after “Crocodile.”

  • Scare factor: 3/10
  • Moral of the story in 3 words: love conquers all?
  • Ranking: 2/6


I could not get into this episode for the life of me. It fell totally flat. I need some sort of connection to the characters that I’m watching (Dunkirk proved that to me), so I didn’t care too much whether or not the main character survived or not. Also, I was confused at the ending where the group was trying to steal stuffed toys? I guess it’s a message about hope or something, but by the end of the episode I had already zoned out too much to salvage anything. And in black and white? Seriously?

  • Scare factor: 4/10 (it tried to be scary but did not work for me at all)
  • Moral of the story in 3 words: don’t forget hope (maybe?)
  • Ranking: 6/6

“Black Museum”

I feel like this episode could have been epic, but it fell just short. Granted, it still scared the bejesus out of me. As for the three stories told within the episode, the first one mostly just grossed me out. I don’t do well with self-inflicted blood and gore, and it didn’t feel as connected as the other two stories. The second story was appropriately creepy and extraordinarily depressing. The third story was just depressing. When the proprietor first drank that entire bottle of water, I was wondering if she had poisoned him, and bingo. The last few minutes of the episode was incredible. I’m very happy she killed that guy, and the racial commentary makes the episode even more poignant.

  • Scare factor: 9/10
  • Moral of the story in 3 words: men are bad (or, more accurately, white men are bad. It’s no mistake that the proprietor was white and the prisoner was black)
  • Ranking: 3/6

What was your favorite episode of Black Mirror season 4? Let me know down in the comments or over on Twitter!

A Happy Rant About Stranger Things

Stranger Things

I’ve been incredibly stressed out lately – I’ve almost cried about five times today and I severely need to decompress. So, I’m going to rant about one of my favorite shows: Stranger Things. I am quickly becoming a total fangirl for everything Stranger Things-related. Season 2 came out about a week ago, and IT’S SO GOOD! Without further ado, here are some of my thoughts on it!


Punk Eleven is so cool!

Honestly Punk Eleven is pretty much my usual aesthetic with a little extra eyeliner. This is such a good look. It’s refreshing to see her in something other than oversized flannels and that pink dress from season one.  This look truly is bitchin’.

I freaking love Steve. Steve is the best. Love Steve.


I’ve always been a Steve fan. I thought he was underrated in season one, but now everyone’s on the Steve Train and I’m so here for it. I love the older brother relationship he has with Dustin this season. He’s even giving him hair tips???? MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT. Steve can come babysit me anytime.

Max is a nice addition.

I must admit, at first I thought Max’s family moving to town had some sort of weird paranormal Upside-Down connection. But alas, apparently not. I was a tiny bit disappointed, but she’s really a great addition. She fits perfectly with the show’s cast, and I like that she’s a multi-faceted character just like everyone else. She’s got quite a bit of sass, too.

Samwise Gamgee is in this season????

I think it was the fourth or fifth episode when I realized that Bob (RIP) was the same actor that played Sam in Lord of the Rings. I’m not complaining. He did a great job playing the part, and I was seriously heartbroken when Bob died. Please stop killing lovable characters, Stranger Things writers. It’s making me sad.

Hopper and Eleven’s relationship gave me all the feels.

UGH THIS RELATIONSHIP. I love it so much. Although I think Hopper was way too tough on Eleven. It seems like everyone (both in the show and in real life) forgets that these kids are just that…KIDS. They shouldn’t be cooped up in tiny houses for almost a year with no outside contact with their friends or held to these impossibly high standards when even the adults in the show struggle handling the supernatural stuff. Give them a break. Also the Eggos for breakfast/dessert? SO CUTE.

Jancy happened and I’m…conflicted?

Jancy was a thing…and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Like I said earlier, I liked Steve at the end of season one, and I’ve never had super warm fuzzy feelings about Jonathan. I’m not sure why. I’m happy they got together because it seemed like it was building up to that and it’d be disappointing if it didn’t happen, but also NANCY YOU BROKE STEVE’S LIL HEART DON’T DO THAT IT’S MEAN AND HE IS PRECIOUS.

Low-key need to copy Eleven’s makeup from the winter dance.

It’s just really nice. Also this moment made me bawl.

Poor Will needs a break.

Seriously. This kid has been through too much. He needs a lot of TLC for…pretty much the rest of his life to make up for all of this shit. At least he has a super awesome mom. That helps.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. What did you think about season 2 of Stranger Things? Let me know down in the comments or over on Twitter!

I leave you with Lucas’s awesome little sister: