Hello! Thanks for reading my blog. My name is Sarah (pronouns she/her). I’m a queer/bisexual intersectional feminist student in college. I’m currently studying journalism and women’s studies.

As for this blog, at the beginning when I first started, I planned for it to be about fashion and makeup, and other stereotypical “blog things.” However, I have found that I don’t tend to want to write about that stuff too much. So, over the months, it has transformed into a “rant space” of sorts where I post about anything from music to my life experiences. And there’s still a bit of fashion thrown in there, too.

About the blog name: The Cotton Candy Unicorn. My spirit animal is a unicorn: I absolutely adore them. As for the cotton candy part, that’s kind of in reference to my varying colored hair, which was originally a cotton candy pink. My current hair color is my natural hair, but I desperately want to dye it.

Come Talk To Me!

You can find me on Instagram (@TheCottonCandyUnicorn), on Twitter (@TheCCUnicorn) or on Tumblr (@thecottoncandyunicorn). You can email me at thecottoncandyunicorn1@gmail.com.

I also have a YouTube channel you can go check out.

Hope you enjoy <3